Hunting in Italy – A Beginner’s Guide

For avid hunters or even novice ones, hunting in Italy is a great experience. It’s not always easy to hunt in this country, so having the opportunity to hunt here is a privilege. There are many exciting types of animals found in Italy that draw hunters from around the world. From wild boar to red deer, there’s something here for everyone. Before setting out, there are a few things to understand about hunting in Italy.

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Hunt in Permitted Areas

There are specific areas of Italy that are permitted for hunting. Unlike other countries, you won’t have to own or have the right to hunt in these areas since they are common land. However, you will need to obtain a regional area license. Additionally, some areas are licensed privately and will be marked as hunting reserves. They will be enclosed, and any potential hunters must seek permission before hunting on their land. Before making the trip, research local hunting federations to obtain the permit and plan out where you will hunt.

Choose Your Target

There are a variety of animals available, but wild boar hunting is a top choice. Both wild boar and pheasant hunting can be done between October and January in the forests of Tuscany and Lazio. Boar hunting is a challenge as they will hide in the bush, requiring beaters and dogs to drive them out. These hunts are often large-scale events with dozens of hunters, dogs, and beaters. The wild boar are small and difficult to spot until close, so they’re a challenge for even experienced hunters.

Chamois and red deer are also popular hunting choices. They are found in the Alps of Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont from September to December. Mountain hunting comes with its own unique challenges, especially as the weather can be cold during the hunting season.

Research and Pack for the Terrain and Weather

Hunting in Italy is a physically demanding activity, so you should be prepared physically and have the appropriate gear. Depending on your game, you may be hunting in high elevations, cold weather or rough terrain. Research your location before making the trip so you’ll be prepared, and make sure that you have the appropriate clothing. Since the terrain in Italy is different than the United States, you’ll even want to look into different camouflage patterns to blend in.

Obtain a European Firearms Passport

If you’re traveling with your firearm, make sure to obtain this official document. Italy recognizes this document and will let you travel with your gun legally. Any firearm with a caliber .22 and smaller or a high-powered air rifle will be prohibited. Make sure to confirm that you will be able to bring your firearm with you in and out of the country at least a few weeks before traveling.


Although hunting in Italy is a great experience, it does have specific rules that you’ll need to be prepared for before traveling. Plan your trip well in advance to make your hunting plans legally and avoid any problems while you’re in Italy.