Top 10 of Museum in Yogyakarta Indonesia Part 1

Going holiday is one of annually activities which some people should do to refresh their mind from tiring activities. You can go holiday by your own, couple, or invite all of your family members to enjoy the holiday together. Yogyakarta, Indonesia is your best city options for getting around with your family.

This city offers you many tourist attractions you can visit with your family. If you have kids in your family, it will be better if you go to museum to teach them about the Javanese culture in fun way. You will see many options of museum places you can go to visit. You just have to know about what kind of museum you want to visit there. There are 5 of top 10 of museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia part 1 you can consider:

  1. Ullen Sentalu Museum is one of favorite museum in this city which is locted in Jl. Boyong, Kaliurang, it offers you to know more about the Javanese culture which shows you many collections of Mataram Kingdom’s culture, batik fabrics, mail archives, many collections of photographs, traditional music instruments and paintings. You should notice you can’t take photo here because the camera is not allowed here.
  2. Sonobudoyo Museum is the second complete museum after National Museum of Indonesia. It offers you various collections of art, archeology, ethnography, biology, geology, and many more. You also can see Lomboknese, Maduranese, Balinese, as well as Javanese culture in this place.
  3. Affandi Museum is the place which is saving the collections of artist Affandi. If you are a painting lover, this place is your best choices because you can see over 2,000 paintings which are made by him. The building design also is designed by him. If you get tired and want to take a break before continuing to see around this museum, you can take a rest for a while in Café Loteng which is placed inside of this museum.
  4. Keraton Yogyakarta Museum offers you many museums inside of this museum. You will get some small museum such as Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX museum, painting and picture museum, crystal museum, and also batik museum. This place, you will see over 1,500 collections which is the most painting collections are made by Sultan Raden Saleh.
  5. Vredeburg Museum is the best place for you if you want to know more about the history in the past. It was used by Dutch colony to withstand from Keraton’s attack and became the military headquarter Army of Republic Indonesia., so that is why you will get and see the Dutch architecture design of this museum. This museum also has many ancient atmosphere photo spots you can take before leaving this museum as well.

Those are 5 of top 10 of museum in Yogyakarta Indonesia part 1 which you can visit with your family as your holiday destination. You just need to sort of what kind of museum you want to visit with your family and enjoy your holiday well.



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